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Anant Vikas does not send requests for Internet Banking Login ID, Password, Credit/Debit card numbers, account numbers, or other sensitive financial information by e-mail and through call. If you do receive a message of this type that appears to be from Anant Vikas, or related to an Anant Vikash product or service, please do not respond. Send a copy of the message and any related details to Corporate.info@avmnl.com


Leverage your investments in shares for loans to meet unforeseen expenses!! Avail of loans up to Rs.20.00 lacs against your shares to enable you to meet contingencies, personal needs or even for subscribing to rights or new issue of shares.

Use only our genuine applications available on google as detailed below to communicate with the AVMNL. www.avmnl.com


Saving habits of every one members improved their quality of life and help to feel better.

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